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Electroplating is a commonly used technique to change surface properties of metals and plastics.  The process involves use of electrical current to mobilize metal cations from an electrode immersed in a solution to deposit on a conducting object.  Most common reasons for electroplating are

Reduce abrasive wear / Improve wear resistance
Corrosion protection (in chemically challenging environment)
Aesthetics (gold, silver, shiny chrome, and many other colors)

Advantages of Electroplating are

  1. Reduced cost vs. making the entire product out of a precious metal  (think gold plating vs. gold)
  2. Improved properties over a single material.  For example chrome plated carbon steel offers strength and chemical resistance over chrome or carbon steel

We aim to offer visitors to our site details on different electroplating options along with pros and cons.  Visit individual pages to learn more.

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